Student Movers

Students have a lot on their minds in late Spring as the school year is ending.  Smart Movers was a company that helped with the logistics so that young men and women could focus their attention on more pressing matters. 

Student Storage:

Universities don't have the luxury of extra room on campus for student summer storage. Don't bother shipping all of your posessions back home for the summer. Instead, you can store them in a secure, climate-controlled facility while you’re away from school. Some companies pick them up and have them at the door when you return.

Student Shipping:

There are certain items you may need when you’re away from school, but they're bulkier than you would like to take with you. These companies will have them shipped via UPS to and from school according to your schedule.

Residential Moving:

This company used to take care of all your moving needs. Smart Movers was a fully licensed and insured professional moving company. For the sake of your furniture and your back, leave the moving to a company like they were.